About Lend.me

At Lend.me we feel that it is time to open digital collateral lending to the masses:
Our solution is to offer a platform that allows peer-to-peer collateral lending, and letting the magic of healthy competition do the rest.

In addition, we would like to help borrowers who don't own "Liquid" digital assets, succeed in getting a loan, and that they also be able to get more money than the wholesale value of their asset:
There are people who need cash advances, who don't own liquid assets to put as collateral. Nevertheless, They own assets that have high value to themselves. Assets they "Cannot" lose for many reasons. If these borrowers explain in a convincing way, why they would be able to pay their loan back, then there is no reason why some lenders should not consider lending them the money, specially in light of the fact that there is low risk and fair profit rates involved for them.
This is the reason why at lend.me we ask in the loan request form the borrower to explain, his project or need, why he wants the money and how he plans to make the money to pay the loan back. We aim to make the lending process more human, and want to help establish a first relationship of "Trust" with potential lenders.

On the other hand, if one has some savings sleeping in a bank, earning a ridiculously low interest rate. By lending money out to lend.me borrowing members, he will certainly make more, with a limited risk and at the end feel good helping honest hard working people succeed in their endeavors.

 We always welcome serious and appealing purchase offers of our digital assets.